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Ciutat Vella is home to numerous landmarks such as the Barcelona Cathedral, the ancient Roman walls, and the bustling La Rambla street. The Gothic Quarter features medieval architecture, while El Born is known for the Picasso Museum and the cultural center El Born CCM.


Ciutat Vella, or the 'Old City,' is the historical heart of Barcelona, encompassing several neighborhoods including the Gothic Quarter, El Raval, El Born, and Barceloneta. It is where the city was founded as a Roman settlement named Barcino around the end of the 1st century BC.

The must

Living in Ciutat Vella offers a rich cultural experience with easy access to museums, historic sites, and art galleries. It is known for its dynamic nightlife, diverse culinary scene, and proximity to the beach.

Things to know

While Ciutat Vella is a tourist hotspot, it can also be crowded and noisy, especially during peak seasons. Housing may not offer as much space, and the narrow streets and historical buildings limit modern amenities.

Average 75sqm rent
Distance from the sea
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    el Raval
    el Barri Gòtic
    la Barceloneta
    Sant Pere Santa Caterina i la Ribera